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Music for Media

About Me

Welcome! My name is Kent, and I write music for screens of all sizes. I specialize in scoring nostalgic films, low-poly video games, and children’s television.

In my music, you will hear the results I have cultivated through decades of classical training, synthesizer programming, and pop performance: my scores are highly melodic and memorable, completely without cynicism or fear. Most importantly, you will hear that I am a storyteller.

My music has been featured in programming on five continents. The projects I’ve contributed to — including Justice League (Danny Elfman), Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge (John Williams  / William Ross), and Watchmen (Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross) — have cumulatively grossed billions of dollars worldwide.

My passion is paying it forward. To this end, I have released two free albums on Bandcamp*  for indie developers to use in their video games. Along with my colleagues, I have created and published a number of music industry resources, including Assisting the Composer,  a practical guide for the era of #metoo and #payuphollywoodthat has also grown into a thriving community of over 2,300 members active on Facebook*  and Discord*!

Outside of music, I love to fix up and write with manual typewriters, read voraciously, and play old video games as they were meant to be played: on a CRT.

What do you say? Let’s make something special together!


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